​SharePoint Solution Development by independNET

independNET can develop SharePoint based solutions for your organisation.

As an integration specialist, independNET understands that your SharePoint implementation is more than just a content management system and a collaboration space.  SharePoint is an application platform that allows organisations to make cost effective solutions that leverage the rich and large suite of functionality that SharePoint offers.

SharePoint also provides the opportunity to provide a window into your key business information, and participate or automate your organisation’s day to day operational processes.  independNET can work with you to integrate your SharePoint implementation with your existing line of business systems.

While some SharePoint development concepts will provide a good initial way of deploying content and information structures, not all of them lend themselves to effective ongoing change management.  In fact, some should be avoided as they can prove to be difficult, and in some cases can result in an unwanted data migration into new structures.

independNET use methods to develop and deploy solutions in a re-usable manner, allowing for repetition of deployment.  This leads to higher quality solutions and tested deployment methods by the time your solution gets to your production environment.

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